When my mother told me, she had to move to Chesapeake, Virginia I was completely taken off guard. All I could think of was how much older the area was and how there was nothing around. My uncle Robert is the Bishop of Deep Creek Church of Christ in Chesapeake so we’ve visited the area enough times for me to call it an ugly bore. 

However, on this past trip; when I went house hunting with my mother; I was definitely pleasantly surprised. I saw how many brand-new homes were blooming all over this town and couldn’t believe it was the same place from years ago. Many of the new homes on the way to my uncle’s church resemble high-end three-level beach houses with basements. The only downside to most of those styled homes were the smaller yards, the ridiculous number of front steps to the door, and of course, no beach front. Besides those few things, they were phenomenally designed. Very classy. 

Other homes are more traditional with one and two car garages. Some of the new homes are even one level and not just the standard two-story. The traditional homes seemed to have larger fenced yards for the kids or even a hyperactive dog that needs a lot of free space and grass. A few of the houses even included decks off the kitchens; which I love. Builders have even given the southern Virginia city that “oh so sought-after” townhome of the northern east-coast regions. 

The exterior colors of the homes are very modern, neutral and clean. The homes we chose to view were placed on some very eye-catching, clean streets. There seems to be a sense of pride in home ownership in the neighborhoods my mother and I viewed. 

Many older homes surround the new homes Chesapeake VA and they are surprisingly well kept with beautifully landscaped lawns. Definitely, an investors dream town with all the new homes and businesses coming in. One could really rack up the dough on commercial and residential properties that just need a little T.L.C. 

Chesapeake is very close to Virginia Beach, with beautiful brand new updated townhomes for under $200k and single-family homes under $500k! Being from Northern Virginia near Washington, D.C those prices are awesome! We looked at so many new homes I really think that I am going to move there after my mother does. 

I came across this website called area vibes.com who had a livability rating for this city at 73/100. Check out www.areavibes.com/chesapeake-va/real-estate /. They list school ratings, employment scores, and other useful city information. You can also check out the city website chesapeake.mapsdirect.net/ for property tax assessments before you purchase a plot of land or a home. 

My husband and I found this beautiful, new build 2300 square foot house 20 minutes from the beach in an online search. It has a backyard large enough to build a play area for our kids and build our puppy Whizzy his own doghouse. I’m already decorating the house with a Pinterest print out vision board. I think I love Chesapeake!