How to make your own bath bombs

Bath bombs are wonderful additions to your bathing session to make it more relaxing and pleasant smelling. Bath bombs can be expensive to buy, but thankfully, there are ways to make your own, so you can have a sweet smelling bath without it costing a bomb.


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Bath bombs can really make a bath a special experience with their fizzing sound and sweet scents. The luxury of a bath with a bath bomb can easily be recreated with some clever ingredients to create texture, fragrance and colour.
Bath bomb ingredients
Firstly, get all your ingredients together. You will need 1 cup of baking soda and half a cup of citric acid and Epsom salts for the fizz and texture. You will also need 1 tablespoon of water, 2 tablespoons of essential oil and 3 tablespoons of olive oil for the smoothness and skin softening properties. You will also need food colouring to add brightness in any colour you like.
Fragrance and colours
The dry ingredients need to be put together in a large bowl using a whisk. The liquid ingredients should be whisked up in a separate container. Consider using different essential oils for their range of properties, such as lavender for rest and sleep, ylang-ylang for a sensual fragrance, citrus for energizing baths and rose to reduce stress. Choose colours to match the fragrances, so, for example, pink can go with rose, purple with lavender.


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Once you have mixed the ingredients, pack them together in the bath bomb mold of your choice. Once the mixture is packed into the mold, allow it to dry. Try to work quickly when mixing the ingredients so the mixture doesn’t dry out until it is ready in the mold. If your boiler breaks down and you can’t work on the bath bombs without it, try a fast and reliable fixing service, such as boiler repair Cheltenham from experts such as
The benefits of bath bombs
Once you have created a set of beautiful and functional bath bombs, you can use them in your own baths for a relaxing treat. The essential oils can help your body and mind in many different ways, from helping you sleep soundly to fighting off colds and flu. You could also give the bath bombs as luxurious presents to friends and family.