Should You Have Your Home Inspected For Pests Before Repairs, Remodels, Or Selling Your Home?

There are several advantages to having your home serviced and inspected by a pest control company before you sell your home, but there are also many reasons to do it before you make repairs and remodels as well.

Looking To Upgrade Your Home Before You Sell? Beware Of Hidden Pest Issues

Flipping homes is becoming more and more common, or even people remodeling their own home before they sell, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you remodel.

Pests can do a lot of damage to your home, and in many cases, you wouldn’t notice until it’s too late. For example, termites and carpenter ants can do a great deal of damage to walls, roofs, decks, and other wood around your home.

Many people don’t think about this and go ahead and have things repaired or remodeled before checking for pest issues or pest damage.

Not only can this lead to remodeling being built on top of damaged areas of your home, but it may also lead to tearing down the hard work you put into repairs to get rid of pest issues and rebuild again.

 For example, many people might fix a leaky roof or have a whole roof redone. Not all contractors will catch termite damage in this case under the roof, or it may be in areas not being repaired.

As a termite inspection typically might come during the closing process, this could lead to thousands of dollars in repairs, even the need to redo the whole roof again. Not to mention the delay in closing or possible loss of the sale of your home.

The small cost of a pest control inspection before you build, remodel, or repair could end up saving you thousands and a lot of hassle in the long run.

Pest Issues Can Dramatically Reduce the Perceived Value of the Home As Well

In addition to possible costly repairs and removal of pests from the structure of your home, pest issues can drastically reduce the perceived value from potential buyers of your home as well.

Excess pests or even spotting pests like rodents or roaches can immediately throw up red flags in a home buyer’s mind. A mouse scurrying across the kitchen floor during a showing could be a deal breaker.

 Most people will associate pest issues like rodents or roaches with a home being run down. They usually also start thinking that if there are pest issues, what other problems are hidden in the home as well they might not know about.

Having peace of mind is a big deal for most people, especially when it comes to such a large purchase like buying a home. The more you can do to create that feeling of peace of mind the better.

 Having the home inspected and treated for pests before you sell or remodel is a great way to keep the value intact in your home. In addition to that, it can potentially save you thousands of dollars in a higher selling price or by avoiding costly repairs.

 We recommend having your home treated both if you are buying a home or if you are selling a home and looking to maintain it’s value.