TRUGUARD – Rotating Anti-Climbing Security System

TRUGUARD can be used for a variety of purposes in different fields, be it for commercial, industrial, prisons, schools, utility or transport purposes. It keeps the unwanted out or keeps the ones without permission in, in case of a prison. This means that TRUGUARD, with the way that it has been built and the five main features, that it has, can be quite useful when it comes to the safety of people.

Residential use

If you live in an area that is susceptible to theft, vandalism, or trespassing then it can be understood why you would be so stressed all the time. You never know when you would have to face a trespasser or if, in the dark of the night, someone would break in and enter for robbery. If these are all the stresses that you face in your everyday life, you should definitely go for TRUGUARD – Rotating Anti-Climbing Security System. You would be able to sleep peacefully at night, that is something that TRUGUARD claims and the previous clients can vouch for.

It has been found that each year more than £2.9bn is lost by people because of a different kind of thefts and robberies. It has become increasingly important to safeguard your homes and that is what TRUGUARD is here to provide. Under the occupiers’ liability act 1984, the TRUGUARD has been designed in such a way so that it is a non-injurious solution to the security of the premises. It is not like the razor tapes, barbed wire or broken glass that come under the occupiers’ liability act 1984 and is very injurious to the resident of the house too sometimes.

TRUGUARD can be used at a height of about 1.8 meters and has been approved to be used in this way. Moreover, it should be used with a fencing and walls. This is unlike the 2.4 meters that one would have to have if they were going for broken glasses or barbed wires for fencing and walls.

If this was not all, TRUGUARD is very lightweight. This is why if one wanted to mount it over their security gates but didn’t want it to affect their closing and opening or their gates neither affect the automation, they can use TRUGUARD safely. Moreover, one can find TRUGUARD– Rotating Anti-Climbing Security System in a multitude of colors.