Choosing the Right Boston Apartment for You and Your Cat

Living in the big city isn’t easy, especially not with a fussy, destructive cat around. Here’s some tips to minimise the hassle.

The Perfect Cat-Friendly Space

When it comes to picking the right apartment, there are really only a few things to bear in mind. Cats shed a lot of hair. That means you want furniture, carpets and a space that lends itself to cleanliness. I’m talking leather furniture and hardwood walls. Bonus, they can’t rip up hardwood floors the way they do with carpet.

High ceilings are good too, you can always bring in big climbing or clawing toys for the cat to use. Plenty of windows are also a must. If you’re renting a Boston apartments, you have to clarify its okay to have pets there, and choose somewhere fairly cat-proof to get that deposit back.

Is Apartment Size Important?

That’s the biggest question a lot of people are asking when it comes to getting a cat in their apartment. Is there going to be enough space for the both of us? Really, what it comes down to is your relationship with your cat, and their personality in general. Some cats can be bored in 20-bedroom mansions, others are content with studio apartments. Your relationship with the cat is actually more important.

You want plenty of love, warmth, trust and some playtime, giving the cat plenty of entertainment and companionship for you both. In all honestly, this isn’t a big ask. Cats sleep like eighteen hours a day, so chances are most of the time they’ll be finding a beam of sunlight and sleeping in it. But when they’re not, give them some treats, or play with them.

Playing with them serves another important purpose too. You want to give the cat enough opportunity to exercise. Running around is important for cats, so make sure all the toys you buy encourage plenty of dashing around madly to tire them out.

Will They Be Happy Indoors all the Time?

In all honesty, the answer to that question will always depend on the cat in question. Some cats can be perfectly fine living in a small apartment, whereas others might pace and become depressed.

The fact is, though, cats are pretty resilient animals, capable of looking after themselves and adapting to a lot of different environments and situations.

Top Tips

Keep the apartment as clean as possible. If you have a long-haired cat, chances are they’re steadily covering the whole place in a thick layer of cat fur, which is bad for you and the cat. Empty the litter tray as often as necessary too, don’t put it off.

Buy them plenty of entertaining toys and give them plenty of attention. If there’s any risk of your cat being bored for long periods, that’s when you’re going to see things deteriorate. Fortunately, cats don’t require too much entertaining.

Cats aren’t into keeping the place looking good. They love clawing things, ripping up carpet, knocking photo frames off. They’re actually pretty destructive. If you don’t want your apartment regularly trashing, make sure you get a scratching post for them to regularly use, maybe consider somewhere with hardwood floors, and strategically place your photos and ornaments.

One of the big benefits of keeping house cats permanently indoors is that it’s safer and healthier for them. Because of that, they tend to live a fair bit longer, which is great!