Guide For A Friendly Home Removals In Sydney For Autumn Seasons

You know autumn is coming when it starts to cool down while the leaves of the trees turn to orange, red or yellow. Indeed, it is a lovely season for us to relax and take a sip of hot coffee while listening to a classic music.  However, is it the right time also to move? How can you move out without getting too much hassle during this season?

Oops. Don’t stress yourself out. Friendly removalists Inner West Sydney, NSW will be glad to help you solve your moving issues. They move no matter what time of the year it is. They have second to none staffs, who are highly knowledgeable and dependable. Here is a compiled guideline for you to make your move easier this autumn season:

First thing first: Prepare

Moving containers are the best option to aid anyone when they are shipping or relocating in a safe manner. With the reality that packing containers give so much stress and hassle, it is important that you understand the basics regarding this matter. Read on to know more about it.

Here are a few noteworthy details when it comes to packing of containers:


Initially, container is the most basic thing that you must know. These are the large steels of containers that you will at all times see on the highways, railroads and ships; containers come with a spacious and solid material wherein it can carry thousands of stuffs inside it. It can be your properties or maybe vehicles too.


When it comes to loading, there are two ways on how you can load your container: live load or drop and pick.

  • Live load – Live Load refers to the trucker that will carry the container to your location at the same time stay for two hours by the time you are loading. Whenever you go beyond the two hours’ time, you will now pay for around a certain amount of money for the fine.
  • Drop and Pick – the other way of loading is Drop and Pick that denotes that the driver will set down the container at your location for complete of two days. This type of loading typically cost much as the live load. It will cost you twice the charge of the other one however; even though it is expensive, it will provide you an advantage wherein you will have the freedom to take your time in loading and securing your properties in the container.

Whenever you are residing nearby port, the charge for the Drop and Pick is frequently enough than Live Load; the cost may be valuable it to be capable to carry your time loading. Nevertheless, if you reside to a good distance away from the port, it is by any chance that Live Load is your only choice.

Bear in mind that you will need to remember that the container will come on a framework that is roughly 4 feet off the surface. You will require having solid and strong peers to lend a hand with your load, or maybe require a loading ramp. Moreover, the area where the container will situate must be a firm and flat surface. On the other hand, if you don’t have any driveway on your own, just ensure that you will be able to look for reserve parking area in front of your home.


Now that you know enough regards on loading, packing is the next. Ensure that you already pack the entire cartons securely at the same time your furniture is wrapped firmly to provide the full safety and protection throughout the journey. It is better if you search got a thick brown paper that has packaging of bubble on the other side. Other options would be old comforters, bubble packaging, blankets or even paper blankets.

The packing process will save a lot of money but give that if you are not satisfied or maybe not comfortable with it, you can at all tiles employ a local moving service provider to lend you a hand. On the other hand, you can also have the option of arranging the entry of custom that is situated into your home or you can finish the service at the port then the customer can manage for customs as well as unloading.


Inspection is very important in order for you to have the idea that everything will fall under the right place.

  • Ahead of loading everything, inspection of the shipping container is necessary. Ensure that there were no presences of holes within the container before you let the driver to depart.
  • Begin with the heavy and large items such as appliances and load them up on the ground opposed to front wall of the container.
  • Pack the stuffs securely and firmly so nothing will move. Make sure that you will work your path along on tiers loading from the top to bottom. Check at the spaces in the tier then go and search for an item to load that space. There are times that you can make use of pillows, empty box, soft toys or even blankets to fill up the gaps.

Into the bargain, it is also important to know that you can have two ways of loading: the first option would be floor load that will remain you from everything low to the surface. The other one would be create a bulkhead wherein you will load the container coming from the ground to ceiling, at the same time create a wall to remain the items from falling to the open space. By following these guidelines and tips from removalists Dee Why from Bill Removalists Sydney, you will now be able to successfully achieve a safe move.