Owning a Luxury Home

Back in the ‘80s, the TV show called Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous became a worldwide hit. It showed what it was like to live as a rich and pampered celebrity, and TV audiences were given a glimpse into their luxurious homes and glitzy lives. But that fascination with the lavish trappings of the aristocracy has always fascinated ordinary folks, and even today that hasn’t really stopped. People still want to imagine what it would be like to live in luxury residences in Montreal or anywhere else.

Privacy and Security

It’s not easy to find out about the details of how particular celebrities and rich people live. That’s because they value their privacy and protect it very well. Most of them don’t flaunt their wealth, because they don’t want to be targeted by unsavory characters.

That’s why many of these luxury homes emphasize security. They’re often located in gated communities, and if possible there aren’t any vantage points for paparazzi to take photographs inside the property. There have been some notorious cases of stalkers entering the homes of celebrities, and that sometimes leads to horrific results.

Even with condominiums, security is always tight. No one can just come into the lobby without going through proper screening, and their presence is always announced. In other homes, detached security sheds are part of the landscape, and security cameras may be in strategic location. Nowadays even regular folks have security cameras in place, so the rich obviously have them too.


Some places are stately and elegant with a classy vibe, while other luxury homes are very modern. Either way, most of these residences are awash with the latest amenities. In homes, these often include having a swimming pool and special rooms like libraries and game rooms, along with a private gym. Gardens are also very popular.

In condo buildings the developers use the amenities to attract the rich to buy units. The most expensive ones are in the penthouse level, and there’s a rooftop terrace. The view from the top is usually terrific. The condo building may offer large units, and inside the complex there may be spas, gyms, a swimming pool, party rooms, and perhaps even a beauty salon.

Services such as cleaning and grocery shopping may be offered, and some units may have more than one parking slot. Lobbies are designed to look beautiful, with fresh flowers and stylish furniture.

The Price of Maintenance

Of course, buying a luxury home or a large classy condo unit can be expensive. But the expenses continue with regular bills for electricity, utilities, and maintenance for pools and landscaping. Then there are the home repairs as well as the other maintenance tasks. It’s not uncommon to spend up to $10,000 a month just for the upkeep.

Even the wealthy keep track of these expenses, or at least they have people doing it for them. Rich people become and remain rich by keeping track of where their money is going. Those who are wasteful in their spending don’t remain rich for long, and the tabloids are full of cautionary tales of celebs who’ve gone bankrupt.

All in all, it’s obvious that there are certain advantages to living in a luxury home. But these perks will require proper maintenance, and you need to be responsible enough to make sure that you have the money to pay for your home’s upkeep.