Real Estate Prices in Hyderabad

Hyderabad real estate market in notably the most stable market after demonetization took place in 2016. There are doubtlessly numerous projects being shaped here in the segment of commercial properties as well as residential. The stability of demand has offered great confidence to the developers of the properties. Price trend of the localities of Hyderabad real estate market shows that in this current year most of Hyderabad localities had a rise in their prices. There are a total of 40476 listed properties in Hyderabad.

Price trend of Hyderabad shows the changes in real estate prices in Hyderabad which helps the investors or buyers to make the right choice while buying a property. Currently, the property prices in Hyderabad start from 36000 and ranges to 35 crores. The most expensive property in Hyderabad is priced at 35 crores. The average price of properties in Hyderabad is something around 51.75 lacs. Around 139 localities of Hyderabad have shown an uprise in their price trend whereas 75 localities have shown a downfall in their price trend. Rates of various localities of Hyderabad are listed below:

  • Miyapur – Here the price of property ranges from 1259 to 36000 per sqft. The average rate of property over here is 34648 per sqft. Prices rose by 27.6% in this locality of Hyderabad.
  • Manikonda – Property prices range from 1636 to 17536 per sqft. Prices have dropped by 5.4% in the last quarter of this year in this area.
  • Nanakramguda – The property price in this area of Hyderabad ranges from 3672 to 9787 per sqft. The average price of property in this locality is 6522 per sqft. A rise of 47.5% in prices is witnessed in this area.
  • Gachibowli – Gachibowli has prices ranging from 1959 to 10000 per sqft for a piece of land. The average price up here is 7398 per sqft and has marked a rise in prices by 15.5% in the past six
  • Bachupally – This area of Hyderabad has suffered a drop in their prices by 17.5% in the past six Price of property ranges from 1930 to 3400 per sqft with an average price of 2980 per sqft.
  • Kondapur – The Kondapur area of Hyderabad has recorded a price hike of 41.6% in the last quarter. The property price ranges from 3385 to 56115 per sqft, and the average price of property up here is 47230 per sqft. wrote that to have professional services and thorough guidance one can contact us. It is a leading real estate service provider company which can offer end to end solution for all your real estate needs.