Why it is essential to buy a home with personal space for your child

Owning a house in major cities of India like Pune or Mumbai is a dream for most of the people, but have you ever thought to allocate an individual room for your child in your 2 BHK flat in Pune?  In a recent survey, many mental health care specialists suggest giving your child some personal space in your where they can study, sleep and do their inner work. By offering their own space you are promoting their individuality and decision-making skills. Providing your child more privacy doesn’t mean that your child has started to hide something from you.  Expecting privacy is a part of their natural segment of their growth.

Need of personal space in Adolescence

As your child progresses towards their adolescence they are also progressing towards their individuality. Their next step of the growth requires their private space and time which is an essential part of their psychological maturity. This doesn’t mean that you should lose your control over them and offer full independence, but you should consider giving them their freedom within your control.

To enhance their decision-making skills, you should consider giving them their personal space in your home, by doing this you indirectly teach them the essential skills for adolescence. Giving the feeling of independence not only makes them realize their responsibility but also boosts their self-esteem which ultimately helps in good decision-making skills. Boosting decision-making skills in their adolescence is very important because it teaches them to make better choices. By offering them their privacy you also convey your trust for them, which eventually make them realize their responsibility. Providing personal space for your adult has following benefits in their mental growth:

  • Decision-making ability
  • Thinking capability
  • Development of new social interests
  • Ability to handle challenges

Building mutual trust

Trust is an incremental practice when you realize that your child requires his/her own space, you may first start giving an individual closet, a play space, or simply a portion where they can call it their own. This will help in developing the sense of individuality. When your child grows up you can create a personal space in your home. Independence comes with trust, commitment, and responsibility. By this way, you can help your child to create their own identity. Make sure you reward them for their commitment and responsible behavior.


Need of personal space in young children

Personal space is not only for your adult child even your younger ones deserve their own space in your home, because adult ones have several distractions in the outside world like electronic gadgets and friends. But your younger ones consider your home as their world, so offering their personal space for your child will enhance their creativity. A Child can have following benefits by offering their personal space:

  • Free from external noise
  • Space to exhibit their creativity
  • Peace of mind
  • Sense of satisfaction

Actively listening to your child’s need helps them to realize your love for them and makes them respect your freedom. You are showing that you trust them by which you construct a positive collaboration. You have shown their space where they can communicate personally and authentically. By this way, you showed them to create their identity. And made them realize that your child is also important part of your family